Our team, our story

Tap to Tee was created by two friends and golfing enthusiasts who wanted to solve the most common complaint on the course, “Where is the refreshment cart?!”

Our mission was to find a tech-savvy solution to benefit both the golfer and the golf course. That solution is Tap to Tee. Our app is a modern luxury tool that allows golfers to summon the refreshment cart with the tap of a button, while offering a free yardage feature for their golfing convenience.

Tap to Tee is equally popular with golfers and golf course managers alike. Our unique interface was designed specifically with the golf course refreshment cart industry in mind. We offer detailed reporting, data analysis and vital functionality to help courses optimize their refreshment service.

Amazingly, we found a way to do all of this with little to no cost to either party. It was our goal to give a little something back to the game we love so much.

Cheers and happy golfing!

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